Thread vein treatment

Visible thread veins, spider naevi, angiomas on the face are more of the esthetical issue. However, capillaries of the nose (especially for men) can cause inflammation and develop into rhinophyma (enlarged red pores, growth of soft tissue causing enlargement of the nose).

Rosacea is a condition of inflammation of the capillaries and surrounding tissue. By getting rid of visible veins this condition can also be treated.

What conditions may be treated?

The Viridex skin system can treat those thread veins, spider veins (naevi), cherry angiomas (red dots or bumps) anywhere on the body.

The Viridex system is ideal for treating spider veins when they occur in sensitive areas where other treatments may not be suitable (especially eye area). It is the only treatment available for thread veins of the nasal septum or on the eyelid.

How is it done?

By using ultrafast radiofrequency pulses and needle-like tip diathermy of the capillary is caused. In comparison with laser or IPL treatment with Viridex is extremely safe and precise. For more accurate precision Syrex scientifically vision is used – that is ultraviolet light that shows the accuracy of the vein.

The initial consultation is very important for diagnosing your condition and for checking the contraindications for this treatment. Once your consultation and medical check are completed and your practitioner is satisfied, the vein treatment can be done immediately.

Treatment takes 15-30 minutes. We will not treat you longer than that no matter the number of veins. This is to minimize the damage of the tissue and stress to the body.

There is no repeat treatment is required – this is a one-off treatment and results are instant.

Is the thread vein treatment painful?

Most people don’t find it painful, rather describe it as a tingling sensation, some compare this to tattooing. It depends on how high the pain threshold is for each patient and how sensitive the skin on this part of the body is. Using any form of anaesthesia is not recommended.

Who should avoid it? 

There are some people who should avoid this treatment :

  • pregnant and lactating ladies,
  • epileptic patients,
  • diabetic patients (controlled diabetes is not a problem).
thread veins
Thread veins on the male’s nose – before and right after the treatment
Thread veins before the treatment and half a year after the treatment
thread veins
Nose and nasal septum before and right after the treatment
Spider naevi before and right after the treatment