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Chemical peel

Are you aware that chemical peel treatment is not new at all? Even Egyptian Cleopatra used sour milk baths to improve her skin thousands of years ago! I am not sure that my grandmother knew about her, but she also used sour milk to wash her face with it. That is so clever! Sour milk contains a lactic acid molecule…

Face massage

Skincare: Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the most important procedures for the face. Why? Just because by breaking, cleaning, and scrubbing dead skin cells (keratinocytes) your skin gets a better look, better elasticity, gets better penetration of the required products.

Acne skin

Deep cleansing facials for Acne

Most of us had acne skin at least once in our lifetime. Some people are less fortunate than others and acne gets in the way more drastically. Not always at a young age. This acne skin condition can cause an uneven skin surface, acne pigmentation, and even acne scarring. Acne is not just an aesthetic problem. This condition can lead…