Have you ever came across skin redness? Skin irritation? Or even rosacea?

Yes, me too! I myself have that redness on the cheeks. I used to love it when I was younger, I thought that it gives me a healthy glow and charm. But with time I understood, that condition is worsening so I have to take care of it by controlling.

In fact, based on Dr. Renaud scientific report is known, that:

“Today, nearly 80% of women complain of skin discomfort and perceive their skin as fragile, reactive, intolerant, irritable. These women define their skin as “sensitive”.

Inheritance is the number one cause of the red face, broken capillaries. But we can not control that, can’t we?

Sun is the other great factor of triggering the redness. It destroys elastin in the capillary wall and eventually they will appear more visibly.  As we can control our exposure to the sun, we should be more careful in the open air – even in winter times. Also, sun protection filters are a must at all times.

Smoke. Do you smoke? If your answer is positive – then you should know, that nicotine is another major factor addressing vascular health.

I shouldn’t promote alcohol, but a glass of wine can have some positive points – like relaxation, or even antioxidants. But hey, have you ever noticed that after one drink your cheeks or even nose tip gets red? So here you go – less alcohol, better cardiovascular health.

And stress condition is the one we can not escape in this busy and crazy world. But I think you knew that one – as stress is mentioned in all types of health conditions. My advice is  – start meditating. It is not easy at first, but satisfaction is reached gradually.

There are many facial treatments that can be done to control rosacea but is a great idea to get a specialist evaluation first.