Rosacea treatments

 Do you feel that your skin is red or sensitive to all or most products that you use? Do you have constant redness on your face or experience flare-ups? Or even worse – do you have acne-like spots that you haven’t had before? Then maybe you are having a skin condition that is called Rosacea.

RosaceaInheritance is the number one cause of the red face and broken capillaries. However, we can not control that. We can control or improve everything else. There are many ways to have your rosacea under control at home – talk to your skin specialist about how to do that. Alternatively, we can offer you some professional treatments that are designed to improve that skin condition.

In order to understand how to help you with your skin, there is crucial to have a skin evaluation first, as not all rosacea conditions are the same.

With rosacea, your skin is not suitable for all exfoliants. Not all chemical peels are suitable also. Facials needed to be selected with care. Even mesotherapy isn’t suitable for all rosacea conditions.

Rosacea skin is one of the most difficult to treat and condition that requires all your life commitment with being cautious in skin product selection.

If you decide to have treatment without consultation first – bespoke Alumier MD facial/treatment is the best that you could choose out of our list. Also, any hydration facial would be beneficial. If you want to have problem-solving (any problem with your skin, that is related or not related to rosacea) treatment – then book a consultation, that is strongly advised.

Professional skin consultation

During skin consultation, your skin will be assessed and then your concerns are taken into consideration. We will:

  • analyze your skincare habits, skincare routines (if you have any), outside irritants.
  • explain to you how to care about your skin at home.
  • teach you how to choose the right products for your skin and your issue.
  • advise on what professional solutions are on the market and what we can offer you at our practice based on your situation.


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