Chemical peel

Are you aware that chemical peel treatment is not new at all? Even Egyptian Cleopatra used sour milk baths to improve her skin thousands of years ago! I am not sure that my grandmother knew about her, but she also used sour milk to wash her face with it. That is so clever! Sour milk contains a lactic acid molecule…

ultrasonic scrub

Ultrasonic Scrub Facial

Have you heard of ultrasonic scrub facial? You haven’t? Let me tell you the benefits of that facial. The amazing thing is that this scrub works on ultrasound. So many procedures are done with ultrasound and they are proven to be effective and safe procedures. There is a difference in how that ultrasound works – that’s all. Some waves desquamate…

Face massage

Skincare: Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the most important procedures for the face. Why? Just because by breaking, cleaning, and scrubbing dead skin cells (keratinocytes) your skin gets a better look, better elasticity, gets better penetration of the required products.

natural sun filter

I LOVE the Sun and my SPF

While being in quarantine all this COVID-19 time I still have managed to get a tan! Can you believe it? I always wear sun protection with no less than SPF40. And still! If you have acne – you should use protection. If you have rosacea – you should use protection. If you are prone to pigmentation – you should use…

King of antioxidants

VitC for Rosacea

I can assuredly confirm that VitC is the king of all vitamins. If you don’t have an allergy to this vitamin, then you have to make sure, that it is your most used ingredient ever as the benefits are countless. I personally try to take at least one VitC capsule in the morning. And I am making sure that my…