Aesthetic skin lesions

Aesthetic skin lesions – often not a medical condition – that are found on the body (including the intimate) or face, can be a serious trigger to your mental health.

At our skin clinic, a high-tech radio frequency Viridex device is used to remove any unwanted aesthetic skin lesions such as milia, cherry angioma, skin tag/ fibroma, some moles (must be checked with GP and still consultation with the practitioner is crucial before a decision can be made), keratosis/ pigmented lesions, blue naevi, spider naevi, thread veins, verruca on the face and even eye area. In fact, this is the only high-end device for lesion removal around the eye area. Various aesthetical skin lesions can also be removed from the intimate area.

By using ultrafast radiofrequency pulses and needle-like tip diathermy of the lesion is caused. Viridex RF is extremely safe and precise for minimal trauma for surrounding tissue. For precision during the treatment we use special scientific vision glasses/googles – again, this to ensure the least damage for surrounding tissue.

The initial consultation is very important for diagnosing your condition and for checking the contraindications for this treatment. Once your consultation and medical check are completed and your practitioner is satisfied, the skin lesion removal can be done immediately.

While working with high-end devices and procedures performed by a medical practitioner with prices starting just from £50 – this can not be beaten in today’s market!